1. To promote women initiatives that seek to activate women community role toward the achievement of equal opportunities for men and women.
  2. To enhance political participation of Palestinian women to achieve the constant rights of the Palestinian people, conserve the Palestinian heritage and develop the cultural values on basis of democracy, plurality and equality.
  3. To develop leadership capabilities of women in different sectors so as to empower them to reach decision making positions.
  4. To attach special attention to rural women and enable them to participate in the public life and to find solutions for the problems resulting from the increasing poverty levels.
  5. To develop leadership capacities and skills of the youth and activate the role of young women in the Palestinian society.
  6. To contribute to raise women’s awareness on legal, rights, health, educational and cultural issues.
  7. To give special interest and attention to childhood by encouraging recreational and innovative programs directed for children, especially in the underprivileged and marginalized areas. Also, to provide social and psychological support for children affected by the deterioration of the general situation and for their mothers.