Work Fields

First: Political Empowerment

This theme aims at developing the political and national awareness of women so as to increase women participation in the political life by implementing programs for raising political, social and legal awareness of women and qualifying and building of local leaderships’ capacities.

Second: Social Empowerment

This theme is achieved through the implementation of the following programs:

  1. The Educational Unit Program: This program aims to mitigate the negative impacts and psychological pressures to which children are subjected and at the same time develop their creative skills and abilities.
  2. Young Leaderships Program: This program aims to strengthen and enable female young women and develop their participation by providing them with basic skills to play a fundamental role in their communities.
  3. Social Counseling Program: This program is implemented by providing social support to women suffering from social problems.

Third: Economic Field of Work

This theme aims to empower and strengthen women and consolidate their steadfastness in confrontation of poverty through the following productive projects run by the Association of Women’s Action, including:

  1. She the Palestinian for Food Processing - Tulkarem
  2. She the Palestinian for Tailoring – Hebron
  3. She the Palestinian for Soap Production – Jenin
  4. She the Palestinian for Embroidery – Ramallah
  5. AOWA has a permanent exhibition at the Association’s headquarters in Ramallah for traditional products (embroideries – hay products – olive oil soap.

Fourth: Promoting the steadfastness of affected families

This activity is achieved through the implementation of the Social Solidarity Program.

Networking and Coordination

AOWA has good coordination, cooperation and networking relations with organizations, centers and societies that work in the same field and seek to achieve the same objectives in Palestine. Moreover, AOWA has good relations with foreign and international organizations, which provide technical assistance and advice to AOWA.