Terms of Reference / Local Consultant


 Terms of Reference / Local Consultant


 Project Title:   Strengthening Women Cooperatives

Consultancy  : review and desk review regarding active and well-functioning women cooperatives in three targeted areas (Jenin, Ramallah and Hebron) 

Supervisory organization of the consultancy:   The Association of Women’s Action for Training and Rehabilitation

 Assignment Period: 15/3/2018-20/5/2108

 This request for proposal is open to consultants specialized in research studies and policy papers development in the field of gender, women rights, women economic empowerment

1.0  About  the project

The Association of Women’s Action for Training and Rehabilitation with founded from the  Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Regional Office are implementing 1 year project aim :-

-           To promote  cooperative as economic alternative tool.

-          To create a network between women cooperatives functioning in three area (Jenin, Ramallah and Hebron)

-          Build the capacity of participants in relation to advocacy and lobbying mechanisms

2.0  Purpose of this Consultancy Assignment

 The purpose of this assignment is to come up with a policy paper regarding women  cooperatives  contribution to women  work based on a thorough review of previous studies in women cooperatives ,  , and stakeholder’s interviews to identify challenges, issues, traditions exposing challenges on women cooperatives  and preventing women from recognizing their rights in terms of their labor contribution recognition.

 This review  is the constituent upon which a future advocacy and lobbying campaign will be designed and implemented to recognize women cooperatives  contribution in cooperatives  sector  and to enhance this contribution and its recognition

3.0   Main  activities

1-      Desk Review of previous researches and outcomes of  all available studies  to summarize findings of previous work and plan for this assignment’s course of action in order to build on previous outcomes and come up with further findings

2-      . Consultation with main stakeholders and decision makers to develop an updated   and to set the ground for recommendations for the  review  study 

3-      . Development of a finding report

4-      Recommendation and findings with special focus on the following

4.1 How could be the decision making in the cooperatives level helps the sustainability of the cooperatives (your point view as researcher)

4.2 What is the best structure for the cooperatives from researcher prospective?  

4.3 What is the cooperatives vision as alternative for the Privatization?  

5-      Conduct3 workshops to discuss the findings 

4.0  time frame of the activities

The assignment period is from 15 March to 15 May 2018 and is to be delivered as in the following expected timeline:-

15 March -15 April 2018 Desk review

15 April – 30 April 2018 consultations and meeting with stakeholders and decision makers

2 May - 15 May 2018 presenting the findings through conducting 3 workshop

20 May 2018 submission of the final draft of the study (policy paper) in both language Arabic and English.


5.0  proposal submission

This assignment is under a tight deadline and consultant’s availability and ability to deliver on time 

The last  day of submission is 10/3/2108   to email


6.0 Your price offer should be in Euro   .